Kunststoff L&F

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Alloy Look and Feel


Many great people have been contribution to the Kunststoff Look&Feel. The contributions included bug reports and fixes, new classes, extensions to existing classes, ideas for future releases, design proposals and many other things.

People who contributed to the Kunststoff Look&Feel (in alphabetical order):

  • Aljoscha Rittner
  • C.J. Kent
  • Christian Peter
  • Christoph Wilhelms
  • Eric Georges
  • Gerald Bauer
  • Gino Marckx
  • Ingo Kegel
  • Jamie LaScolea
  • Jens Niemeyer
  • Jerason Banes
  • Jim Wissner
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Jonas Kilian
  • Julien Ponge, developer of the install tool IzPack
  • Karsten Lentzsch
  • Matthew Philips
  • Romain Guy, main developer of Jext
  • Sebastian Ferreyra
  • Steve Varghese
  • Taoufik Romdhane
  • Timo Haberkern

Note to the contributors: If you want to add something to your name (i.e. email address or homepage) or if you want your name deleted from the list just tell us.