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Alloy Look and Feel

Yes, finally we have released version 2.0 of our Kunststoff Look&Feel. It comes with support for more widgets (i.e. JInnerFrame, JProgressBar, JToolBar), a bunch of bugfixes, better performance (kudos to Sebastian for the great work) and customizable gradient colors. Enjoy it and use it for building some nice GUIs.

The last version that we have released is 2.0.2, which fixes a memory leak in the ToolbarUI.
The Kunststoff Look&Feel is a completely free Look&Feel (LGPL licensing) for Java ™ Swing applications. Many Java ™ developers around the world are using it in exciting projects and with the help of great people it is steadily getting better and nicer.

The Kunststoff Look&Feel is an extension to the the Java ™ Metal Look&Feel. This makes it very compact in size (approx. 43 kBytes) and ensures that all the great features provided by the Metal Look&Feel do not get lost. It is our little contribution for making the Java ™ platform even better and we hope that it will help you make some wonderful GUIs.

Download and Installation

A zip-file containing the kunststoff.jar and the source code can be found here.

To use the Kunststoff Look&Feel in your application you just have to include the kunstoff.jar-file into the classpath of your application and put this line into your code:

UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new com.incors.plaf.kunststoff.KunststoffLookAndFeel());


If you want to learn more about programming Java ™ look&feels these links will be helpful:


You can contact us at info@incors.com.